Precise Control Oil Valve

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Precise Control Oil Valve

Precise Control Oil Valve-1100 is used for setting ratio when burner is on oil; it is shut off when burning gas. Precise Control Oil Valve-1100 are precision built, factory calibrated valves for manual or motorized control of oil flow to industrial burners.
Precise Control Oil Valve-1100 are manual valves used as limiting orifices in setting oil/air ratio and as tight shutoff valves to prevent oil tripling into burners during shutdown. An additional shutoff valve in the line which permits shutting off the burner without disturbing the precise control’ ratios setting position is recommended.

These valves have an adjustable detent mechanism that provides memory for desired valve operating position. A spring loaded steel ball fits into a hollow in an adjustable collar, whose position is secured by a setscrew. The handle can be pushed past the detent position easily to open the valve wide temporarily for light-off or clean out.

1100-K Manual Precise Controls have cut down handles to lessen chances of accidental changes in valve setting.

1100M Motorized Precise Controls, for automatic control of oil flow, are available with brackets and linkage for most standard control motors. Although these valves have ten dial positions, linkage geometry limits valve travel to seven positions.


1100-03A and -02A valves have forged brass bodies, Viton U-cup, and precision ground, hardened stainless steel port seats. A V-port in the upper, rotating disc exposes varying areas of a circular port in the lower seat. The triangular opening is highly resistant to clogging or fouling.

1100-01A and 1100M-01A Valves have cast brass bodies and precision ground, lapped conical seats that form a clog resistant triangular opening.