Furnace Oil Burner - 2562

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Furnace Oil Burner - 2562

2562 Oil Burners are designed to give maintenance-free operation using heavy oil, light oil, or gas. There are no “Superfluities” on this burner it has a heavy cast iron body of clean design that avoids clogging even when used on tough jobs such as forge furnaces fired with heavy oil.

Burner Design Features

The total air capacity of the burners is listed under list I for single blower supplying at 20”wg combustion air and 24”wg atomizing air for light oil operation and 32”wg combustion air and 38”wg atomizing air for heavy furnace oil operation. Use list II and III when selecting separate blowers for combustion and atomizing air. For sizing blowers or burners at other pressures, add figures from the List II and III to get total capacity. Capacities shown in list II is for operation on gas with the air curtain closed. On oil operation these capacities are increased 20% the additional air supplied through the atomizing air connection. When burning either gas or oil with the shutter open, burner capacities may be doubled if furnace conditions assure sufficient secondary air.

Burner Working Nature

Oil with a viscosity of 70 to 90seconds Redwood I and a pressure between 25and30psi, should be supplied to an Air/Oil ratio controller which will deliver oil to the burner at a pressure proportional to the main air pressure, thus maintaining the correct air/oil ration at all firing rates. The atomizing air pressure at the burner may be30”wg when using distillate oil, 44”wg when using heavy oil.

The 2562 burners can operate on any gas of 2000 to 12800 kcal per cu.ft heating value. Switching from gas to oil operation or oil to gas may be done quickly with out furnace shutdown, simply by turning off one fuel valve and opening the other.

Burner Construction

The heavy cast iron body can standmuch abuse. All internal parts of the 2562 burner are machined. The smooth surfaces stayfree of oil deposits and dirt, thus greatly minimizing the need for cleaning, oil is, put though the burner in a straight passage having a large cross-sectional area permitting visual inspection for clogging and easy cleanout if necessary. The precise control oil valve is a non-plugging V-port oil valve which produces small and uniform flow rate changes through out the180o sweep of the control handle

Burner Designation 2562-3A 2562-4A 2562-5A
Air Pressures at Burner Combustion24”wg; Atomising 28”wg 4735 5935 10630
Combustion40”wg; Atomising 44”wg 6320 7670 13640

Burner Designation Air pressure at Burner in inches of wg
1 2 3 5 7 9 10 14 17 21 24 28 35
2562-3A 575 1150 1625 1900 2300 2575 2815 3250 3635 3800 4300 4600 5150
2562-4A 725 1450 2050 2500 2900 3250 3525 4100 4580 5000 5420 5800 6500
2562-5A 1156 2312 3270 3270 4625 5175 5660 6540 7300 8000 8650 9250 10350

Burner Designation Air pressure at Burner in inches of WGP
24 28 31 35 38 41
2562-3A 935 1000 1060 1120 1170 1220
2562-4A 935 1000 1060 1120 1170 1220
2562-5A 2630 2810 2810 3150 3290 3430