Air/Gas Ratio Regulator

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Air/Gas Ratio Regulator

Air/Gas Ratio Regulator Axis 1218 regulators accurately maintain a constant air/gas ratio over a wide range of firing rates in both nozzle-mix and premix gas burner systems. CAPACITIES Cfh With 2 OSI drop through regulator gas gravity

1218-0 300 250 150 135
1218-1 500 400 250 225
1218-2 1000 800 500 450
1218-3 1500 1200 775 675
1218-4 3000 2400 1500 1350
1218-5 5000 4000 2500 2250
1218-6 7350 6000 3800 3300
1218-7 13400 11000 7000 6000

Nozzle – Mix burners

When used with nozzle-mix burners, the vent of a 1218 regulator is cross-connected to the main air line down stream of the control valve. Regulator outlet pressures then equal air impulse pressures, and gas flow remains proportional to air flow at all firing rates.

One regulator can be used for several burners controlled by the same air valve, but often it is better to have a separate regulator for each burner.

Dual-Fuel Burner

When a dual-fuel burners atomizing air is left on during gas operation, the 1218 regulator can be set to compensate for the extra air (over the controlledmain air) by adjusting the spring for up to OSI “leak” with no impulse pressure.

Premix Burners

With its vent open to atmosphere, a 1218 regulator can be used as an atmospheric, regulator (zero governor) to supply gas toanaspiratormixer feeding premix burners.

If burners nozzles are sealed-in and furnace pressure is other than atmospheric, regulator vent must be connected to combustion chamber. Controlled “Zero” gas pressure then will match furnace pressure, this is necessary to maintain the same air/gas ratioat all firing rates. (See instruction 1218) A separate regulator for eachmixer is preferred to avoid interference or interaction.