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Rotary Furnace

Rotary Furnace

are highly efficient melting units. This furnace is used in Non-ferrous melting for bulk melting and alloying use widely. The design and its performance will be unmatched by other manufacturers as our design is user friendly.

The furnace is consists of a cylindrical shell fitted with two steel tyres supported on a rollers mounted on a fabricated base frame.The shell has two spouts and two lifting trunious and is rotated by friction between the tyres and rollers, which are driven by a motor via a worm and worm reduction gear. Manual drive position is also a standard feature and it will also given for motorized setup as an emergency drive unit.

Axis fuel efficient combustion system will be offered capable to handle 350oC of preheated air with the fuels like HSD, LDO, LSHS, Fuel Oil, PG, LNG, CNG, NG, and LPG.

A cylindrical radiation-type recuperator utilizing waste products of combustion is provided to heat the combustion air. This system also can be offered along with pollution control equipments with the norms narrated by CPC department, India for lead and zinc melting applications. We also can meet other countries standards

Rotary Furnace
Optional Accessories:
  • Oil Service Tank
  • Outflow Heater
  • Semi Rotary Pump For Oil Tank
  • Fume Extraction Unit

  • Rugged Construction
  • Available in wide range of size
  • Efficient Heat Transfer
  • Easy to operate & maintain
  • Fitted with Axis Highly acclaimed combustion system
  • Excellent fuel economy
  • Best after sales service
  • Axis quality built into every machine

    A B C D
RMF-300 300 1235 3700 4500 5300
RMF-500 500 1235 3700 4800 5300
RMF-1000 1000 1390 6575 5820 7300
RMF-2000 2000 1390 6575 6700 7300
All Dimensions given are approximate & Non - Binding

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NOTE : Dimensions shown are subject to change. please obtain certified prints from Axis Thermal Engineering Company. If space limitations or other considerations make exact dimension(s) critical.
WARNING: Situations dangerous to personnel and property can develop from incorrect operation of combustion equipment. Axis Thermal urges compliance with National Safety Standards and Insurance Underwriters recommendations, and care in operation.