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Driers, Ovens

Driers, Ovens

Axis's ovens are generally used in the applications like, drying, curing, moisture removal, etc. These applications are wide and limited with the temperature of 60o C to 350o C.
Ovens are used in the areas like, baking, de-waxing, blackening, electro plating, mould sand drying, garnet drying, mould drying, pre-heating etc.,

Oven is constructed from reinforced to any shape depending on its range from mild steel plates of suitable thickness and are supported with necessary stiffness.
All direct fired ovens are generating the heat by Electric supply. Ovens can be made suitable with 220V, 380V, 440V based on users' requirement.

Indirect ovens can be fitted with Axis's fuel efficient combustion system for the fuels like HSD, LDO, Furnace Oil, PG, NG, LNG, and CNG &LPG. Best fuel economy depends on the radiation and convection heat transfer of the combustion system. Therefore, our design of oven with combustion system/ electric resistance coil wills work as "MADE FOR EACH OTHER" to ensure its buyers "Fullest Satisfaction".

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NOTE : Dimensions shown are subject to change. please obtain certified prints from Axis Thermal Engineering Company. If space limitations or other considerations make exact dimension(s) critical.
WARNING: Situations dangerous to personnel and property can develop from incorrect operation of combustion equipment. Axis Thermal urges compliance with National Safety Standards and Insurance Underwriters recommendations, and care in operation.