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Ladle Preheaters

Ladle Preheaters

AXIS LADLE PREHEATERS find application in heating refractory linings of various sizes of lip-pouring and bottom- pouring ladles. The preheater consists of a horizontal steel frame pivoted at its center and mounted on a turret assembly fitted with radial and thrust bearings mounted on a robust fabricated stand.

A cowl lined with high-grade

is fitted at on eend of the horizontal frame, ands balanced by a combustion air blower which is mounted at the opposite endof the frame.
The burner is fitted facing vertically down ward at the centre of the cowl. The horizontal frame can be swiveled manually on the vertical axis and locked in position as desired.

The ladle preheater is fitted with a ATEC's oil burner with sensitrol oil valve (LPGor natural gas is also available as an option) to obtain a maximum drying temperature of 1000o C combustion air is provided by axis centrifugal blower.
Preheated oil at constant temperature and pressure is supplied to the burner by a Axis oil heating and pumping unit.

1. Oil Service tank
2 .Out flow heater
3. Motor started
4. Semi-Rotary pump for oil Tank

  • Robust Construction
  • Available for all sizes of ladles
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Hydraulic adjustable COWL from FL
  • Fitted with fuel efficient combustion system
  • Excellent fuel economy

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NOTE : Dimensions shown are subject to change. please obtain certified prints from Axis Thermal Engineering Company. If space limitations or other considerations make exact dimension(s) critical.
WARNING: Situations dangerous to personnel and property can develop from incorrect operation of combustion equipment. Axis Thermal urges compliance with National Safety Standards and Insurance Underwriters recommendations, and care in operation.