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Duplex pumping unit

Duplex pumping unit
Axis Pumping Unit combined with Heater and thermometer control is called Pumping & Heating Unit. Pumping & Heating Unit is essential, where the LDO, FO, Heavy Oils are used for combustion. Generally the burners are designed for heat release. But the heat release depends on the fuel flow to the burner. In other words, Pumping & Heating units are to meet the demands of the burner & combustion chamber.

Pumping units are used in the applications where light fuels like, kerosene, HSD, Diesel are used. Pumping Units, Pumping & Heating Units are designed in many models to cater the needs of Industry.

SPU - Simplex Pumping Unit Used in the batch type, less flow rate requirements.
DPU – Duplex Pumping Unit Used in continuous running furnaces, and large flow of fuel requirements.
Size: ½", ¾", 1 "
SPH – Simplex Pumping & Heating Unit Used in batch type furnaces, heavy oil applications, where the viscosity of the fuel will be reduced to burnable conditions, and less flow rate requirement.
DPDH – Duplex Pumping & Duplex Heating Unit Used in continuous running applications where the viscosity of the fuel will be reduced to burnable conditions, and less flow rate requirement. Consists two sets of pumps with motor, two sets of vertical oil preheater, duplex inlet & outlet oil filters, common ringmain arrangements for keeping one set will be standby. This system ensures the breakdown free unit.
Size: ½", ¾", 1"
Heater Capacity: 3kw - 120kw.
TPU – Transferring Pumping Unit This unit is generally used in the areas to unload the oil from tanker to main tank and main tank to service tank with flow meters for both light oil &heavy oil users. This pumping unit consists of pump with motor connected with dual inlet & outlet cock valves. Inter changing of the flow will be done by manual/auto cock valves (ball valves).

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NOTE : Dimensions shown are subject to change. please obtain certified prints from Axis Thermal Engineering Company. If space limitations or other considerations make exact dimension(s) critical.
WARNING: Situations dangerous to personnel and property can develop from incorrect operation of combustion equipment. Axis Thermal urges compliance with National Safety Standards and Insurance Underwriters recommendations, and care in operation.