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Air/Oil RatioTrol

Air/Oil Ratio Trol

Axis air/oil ratiotrol -7052 proportion oil flow to combustion air flow in cross-connected control systems. Outlet oil pressure from the ratiotrol is proportional to the impulse air signal:

7052-01: Outlet pressure is 10 times impulsepressure.
7052-0: Outlet pressure is 12 times impulsepressure.

Therefore, as combustion air is turned up or down the ratiotrol causes oil to follow it in proportion. Desired air/oil ratio is set with a manual – valve (1813

Sensitrol Oil Valve
) at the burner.

MULTIPLE BURNERS: A single Ratiotrol can serve burners when it is cross-connected down stream of the zone air control valve if burners are on one side of furnace an difference in their elevation is les than 12”.

Capacities LPH
Air Impulse Pressure, PSI
7052-01 194.7 237.18 276.12 336.3
7052-01-V 127.44 159.3 184.08 223.02
7052-0 569.94 697.38 803.58 969.96
7052-0-V 357.54 435.42 502.68 605.34.

Expansion Chambers
If ratiotrol is in light oil line between valves that are closed when burners are shut off, radiant heat from furnace could expand oil trapped in the line, brusting ratiotrol diaphragms and damaging gauges. Install one of more 8521-01 expansion chambers down stream of ratiotrol to prevent this.

Inlet oil pressure 25-30 PSI (Important for proper operation)
Maximum oil temperature 180 F for standard 7052 300 F for 7052-0-V(with viton diaphragms)
Oil gauges : 7052-01 Light oil only
7052-0 #1through#6 probably requires special construction and other provisions, e.g., V Viton diagraphms
Optional Gauges (and thermometer)
Inlet and outlet pressure, air impulsepressuredial thermometer

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WARNING: Situations dangerous to personnel and property can develop from incorrect operation of combustion equipment. Axis Thermal urges compliance with National Safety Standards and Insurance Underwriters recommendations, and care in operation.